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Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are mainly produced in India, China and African countries. We offer pure natural and Hulled white sesame seeds grown in top quality soil, processed in hygienic condition.

Product Details

Varieties Specification Origin Packaging FCL 20'
Natural White Sesame Seeds - White Purity:91/2/2, 99/1/1,99/1 machine cleaned India Packaging: 25/50kg PP Bags 19 MT
Moisture : 7% max.
Hulled White Sesame Seeds Purity:99.90%, 99.95%, 99.97%, 99.99% Premium quality India 25kg paper & pp bags. 50kg PP Bags 19 MT
Ffa: 1.5% max
Ethopian Sesame Seeds Humera 99/1, Wollega 98/2 Ethopia 25/50kg pp bags 19 MT
Nigerian White Sesame Seeds Buenue type, Purity: 99%. Nigeria 25/50kg pp bags 19 MT
Kano type: Purity: 98%.
Mositure: 7%
Nigerian Water Washed Hulled Sesame Seeds Purity: 99.95%. Mositure: 5% Nigeria 25/50kg pp bags 19 MT
Natural? White Sesame Seeds Burkina Faso Purity: 98-99%min Burkina Faso PP Bags 25/ 50 Kgs 19 MT
Mositure: 7% max.
FFA: 2%max
oil content:52%min

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